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  • Money can buy anything!

    • Inglés
    • 3º y 4º de ESO

    This OER will improve both  English skills and ICT ones by using as a  context the 2030 Agenda: SDG 1,  2, 3 &  4. Students will develop both:  key and specific competences. At the end of this project, they will have learnt:

    • life necessities
    • meaning  of living in poverty, hunger, good health & well-being, education of quality and vocabulary related their semantic field.
    • to explain information.
    • to remember details.
    • to skim and scan articles written in not adapted English.
    • to identify countable & uncountable nouns and to use quantifiers with them.
    • to develop research skills and visual design skills.
    • to express ability, permission, prohibition, obligation and lack of obligation and to give advice.
    • to use  comparative and superlative adjetives.
    • to use connectors of opinion, sequence, addition, etc.
    • to pronounce sounds we do not have in our native language

    Número de sesiones: 12